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The only platform which provides various job-oriented training. No one should be unemployed anymore. Path2shine has the vision to create as many employment opportunities as possible. There are many freshers all over who struggle to get a job despite high studies. There are many housewives who want to earn money to support their families and husband. There are many women who took breaks from their careers due to family planning demands. There are professionals who want to switch a career to different fields. There are people who are looking for additional sources of income in addition to their current job. Path2shine is the solution to all above of them. It provides quality-wise training in various domains:

1) Software Testing
2) Digital Marketing
3) SEO Complete training
4) Content writing course
5) The Success Mindset
6) Chocolate Making Course
7) Home-based Reselling Business from Scratch
8) Be an Online Coach
9) Quora Marketing Insights
10) Become a great Blogger
11) Learn Website creation through WordPress