Important Documents in Software Testing

Important Documents in Software Testing

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Have you ever wondered to test something without knowing the perfect scenario of a system? You are given a task to find the defect of a running application and you are unaware of what is actually expected at the first stage? Yeah, this happens in many small-scale companies where software testers need to test an application without knowing the requirements or simply BRS or SRS document was never created at all. This is the harsh fact in new startups where you need to carry out complete testing with your own outlook or intuition. This is not actually a proper way of testing software.

BRS or business Requirement Specification Document is one of the most important documents in software development. For proper test analysis, a tester should clearly understand customer requirements. Then only the tester can interpret what to test and how to test. Test scenario creation should be created on the basis of a thorough understanding of the BRS document. Basically, you understand what actually you want to test in software. Furthermore, SRS gives detailed insight into every main requirement. It also shows task flow diagrams which are very helpful in creating test cases.

Basic task flow diagram example

Further, if the tester is unable to understand any requirement mentioned in BRS or SRS, there is a document called RCN or Requirement Clarification Note which is helpful in getting a clear explanation of the requirement which seems unclear or complicated for a tester to understand mentioned in BRS/SRS documents. Understanding customer requirements thoroughly and clearly are the first step of any testing.

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