Facebook Page vs Facebook Group

Facebook Page vs Facebook Group

Have you ever wondered whether you should go with a Facebook page or Facebook group to promote your business? We want to get new followers to our business so that more people can know about our brand and ultimately get converted. Definitely, we need to know what is the difference between these two and when to use the Fb page or Fb group to reap maximum benefits.

FB page is like a profile page that you can create to let people know about your business. People can like your page and further engage with your posts. The best advantage of Facebook page over Fb group is that it is more SEO friendly. Suppose I create a Path2Shine page and when anyone searches it on google, there are more chances it will appear on SERP. If I create a Path2shine group there is unlikely any chance to be shown at google search results.

Facebook Group concept
Group: Community of people

FB group is a more of community building. Like people of the same interests, same location, same career, same subject can form a common platform or a group to communicate with each other. Basically, the Fb group is created on the basis of the common interest of a mass of people. They can further post their queries, posts, polls in the group to know more about other group members. While FB page is mainly focused on a particular business and the products can be promoted through it.

FB pages are suitable for broadcasting news or information to large sets of audiences. For eg, many big celebrities have their Facebook pages rather than group and they have a large set of fan following.

FB groups can have 3 types of settings. They can be public, closed, or secret. Public groups are visible to everyone and they are open for everyone to join. The closed group can be joined if a person gets an invitation to join it. Secret group cant be seen by anyone. Only group members know about it.

Which is better for brand promotion?

Both FB group and FB page have their own advantages but we need to understand the type of business goals to decide which option to choose. If your focus is to create a big brand so that most of the people know about your products and further you can post offers, promotional events then creating a FB page is a suitable option. Moreover, people expect every big brand to have its own FB page.

Further, if your goal is to create a strong community of people having a common niche where you value most about connections between members. To strengthen the relationship with your followers, 1-1 communication, then making a group is a much better option. You can also create a group at the initial point of your startup and later you can build a page.

Hope you get the basic clarity between group and page and can decide which is better for your business. Feel free to comment on what have you decided for your business!!

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