Making money is not a challenge for housewives anymore

Making money is not a challenge for housewives anymore

Neeta finished her master’s in 2006. Her parents were already waiting for her to finish her post-graduation so that they could find a suitable boy for her marriage. As the time came to reap the fruits and making money in her career, she was given only one option to just get married. I know this is the harsh reality which many of us have to face in middle class or some upper-class families.

Shruti was just 26 when she got married through an arranged marriage setup. She was already working in the top position of an IT company at the time of her marriage. When a girls get a partner through arrange marriage, she is not only married to her husband. She is married to the complete groom’s family and expected to follow their own rules and regulations in life. Otherwise, there always remains chaos in their married life. Shruti’s mother-in-law always wanted a homely girl for her son and was expecting her to leave her job after her marriage. She wanted to devote her complete day to the household which every other housewife does. But what about Shruti’s long years of education and her aspirations to become one of the topmost businesses women.

After working for 12 years in a pharmaceutical company, Ritu was the top director of her company. She was one of the most desirable women among all colleagues because she achieved a lot of success in her career. Every other woman’s colleague wanted to become like Ritu too. In fact, she was the role model for many other office peers. But things were not as fair in her personal life. After so many challenges and failures to conceive, she finally decided to go with an IVF procedure. Due to her weak body, the doctor suggested resigned her from a topmost achieved job to fulfill her dreams of family planning.

Yes, women are asked to give up their career choices in so many circumstances. But what after their kids are born and they have started going to school once they become 5 years of age or more. I know the women like Shruti, Neetu, Ritu won’t be able to sit idle at home. These all are ambitious women who had long-term dreams for their careers. But they had to quit all because of their family circumstances. Now the challenge is who will give them employment after long years of gap. I have researched and written down few career lines which women can take and restart their careers:

1. Springboards program in Microsoft

This course is very good for women who already had 1-2 years of experience in IT and they took a gap in their career. The name is also suggested as Reboot. Rebuilt. Rebound. It means women will be given training for around 6 months and they can choose whatever role they are interested to work in Microsoft.  For more details about this program, please click here.

2. Career Reboot program-Accenture

Accenture also provides a program to restart careers for women. This program is focused on providing robust training to women so that further apply for suitable jobs after the training. For more information, click on the link here.

3. Boom in Digital Marketing Jobs

As the world hit pandemic, there has been an explosive demand for digital marketing job opportunities. There are ample jobs available in online marketing. If you want to work in the comfort of your home and want to make a career in digital marketing, contact me for the next batch of digital marketing.

4. Software Testing Job

Software testing is a great career for homemakers. They can easily learn and do jobs in the comfort of their home. After completion of this course, I will help you get a job in an IT company. I provide complete training and also 100% placement assistance will be given. I provide end-to-end training in software testing and running various batches. If you are interested to know more about the next batch, contact us.

You can also follow us on youtube for more tutorials on software testing.

5. Reselling Business

Reselling business is also one of the lucrative career options for women. For this, you have to decide on the niche based on your interest and market demand. I started my reselling business of women’s clothing in 2018 and have successfully earned in lakhs sitting at the comfort of my home.  I am soon going to launch a workshop for people who want to start reselling business. For inquiries about this workshop, please contact us.

6. Training Business

Yes, this is also one of the great options to make money online. I know you would be great in one thing or the other. There is a demand for every skill in the market. Be it communication, leadership, cooking, chocolate making, kids tutoring, fitness, spirituality, learning empathy, and many more. You would be master in any one of the skills. You only have to recognize that skill and start giving training on that. I would tell right from scratch how to recognize your talent and finally how to get leads and customers for your training business in my upcoming workshop. If you are interested in this workshop, please contact us. 

Corporate training
Me giving Corporate Training

7. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the passive ways to generate income. Simply stated, it’s all about making commissions when you sold something. You have to recognize your niche and based on it you can sell other company products and will be paid on every single sale. For more details about the affiliate marketing course, please contact me about the next batch.

8. Content writing and become a Blogger in you

Content writing is an evergreen field by which you can earn lots of money sitting at your home. There are multiple jobs available in content marketing. You can write your own blogs and monetize them. You can also do affiliate sales by writing blogs. Contact us to know more about content writing.


There are many opportunities for women who take gaps in their careers or any woman who wants to start her career all over again. The need of an hour is to recognize your talent and put all your energies to create a career. I am sure you will win with patience and hard work. If you know how to master household skills, then making or reshaping a career is a matter of seconds. For any queries about any one of the above-mentioned career options, feel free to contact me.

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