Everything you want to know about Quora Marketing

Everything you want to know about Quora Marketing

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There is no doubt social media profiles have been ingrained into almost every human mind on this planet. Be it Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, or Linkedin, there has been tremendous traffic on these platforms. There is one more platform that is much valuable and knowledge sharing in any other topic of this universe. Yes, I am talking about Quora. Ranging from data science to infidelity this platform has solutions to any problem of every topic.

What is Quora?

With over 300+ million users in Quora, this is one of the biggest informational platforms. It has expertise profiles in almost every field where users can guide the solutions to the naive or any other person who need a solution to their problem. One of the best parts is you can also ask about your problem being anonymous.

There are more than 400,000 topics available at quora. You can personalize your profile based on your favorite topic and all your profile feed will be popped up with the topic in which you are interested. You can also follow the particular expert or user so that whenever that person will post anything you will be notified.

Neil Patel one of the biggest names in Digital marketing is also available at Quora. Any person who is interested to read his blogs or posts can follow his profile. Additionally, whenever he posts the solution to any question, it will also be visible to the profile.

Steps to do Quora Login:

First of all, you can simply visit the website at www.quora.com 

You can o quora login by Gmail account, your Facebook account, or any other email account.

The next screen will be something like this where you have to select at least  5 areas based on your interest.

Your quora feed will be further populated based on the interesting topics which you selected at the above step.

How to use Quora for Marketing

Quora is a wonderful tool for all marketers. It’s a great way to bring traffic to your website. You can share your blog links, youtube channel links. And if people are liking your content, you can actually get multiple followers through quora. Don’t forget to mention your website on the profile page. This will give you great traffic once people follow you at quora. Also, keep commenting and engaging with users belonging to your niche.

Quora records an average of 151.6million organic traffic each month and there is a huge opportunity for digital marketers to take advantage of this huge market.

Quora Marketing Strategy

You can use quora in the correct way to get more of the ROI. Following are the proven tricks you can apply to gain better results in your business:

  1. Create a powerful impressive profile. It should show your expertise niche and your overall achievements, your website. You can also pin your best engaged given Answers at the top of your profile page so that more people can know you better.
  2.  Keep following your target audience and engage with them in the form of replying, upvotes, and messaging them.
  3. Share blog links of your website where it is relevant.
  4. Don’t do just marketing otherwise your answer might violate quora terms and it might get collapsed.
  5. Try to give more valuable knowledge while replying to other queries.
  6. Add relevant ” Know about topics” on your profile page so that a visitor can know your expertise.
  7. For faster and better results, you can also signup for Quora Ads to promote your business.

Some Frequently Asked Questions about Quora and Marketing:

1. How do I start marketing on Quora?

Simply you have to create a profile as told in the above steps and start writing consistently and also track the activity of your target audience. Try to understand their problems and give them solutions wherever applicable.

2. What is Quora used for?

Quora is an informational and knowledge-sharing platform that solves queries on any topic. A user can ask questions and experts with experience of 15-20 years can answer those queries free of cost. Example: A person applies for a job at Google and wants to ask for preparation tips for an interview. A person who is already working in Google can help with this question and also can share his experience of clearing the Google interview.

Suppose there is some relationship-based issue of a woman and then she can ask her problem anonymously. There are many life coaches or counselors available who can guide her with their expert opinion.

3. Is Quora good for SEO?

Alexa rates Quora as the 80th most trafficked website on the internet. Absolutely quora is a great tool to get better SEO results and being a marketer you should never miss this opportunity. You will get a lot of Keyword ideas through quora. With such a large base of active users, you will get to understand what your target customer is actually looking for and understand their concerns well.

4. How do I add backlinks to Quora?

Giving valuable information to the user is the foremost thing for any marketer. You should consistently write and give links to your blogs when you are writing answers in quora. You should definitely not spam with unnecessary giving links. Give links wherever it’s needed then only you will get good traffic to your website.

For example, if someone wants to know more about SEO and SMM, you can write a brief answer and then can provide a link to your blog. For more information follow this link https://www.path2shine.in/what-is-seo/

5. What are the benefits of Quora Marketing?

There are numerous benefits from quora marketing:

  • You will get long-term traffic. Once you are active at quora you will be getting the viewers and traffic forever for long years.
  • You can retrieve great trending keywords from the Quora search option.
  • You can establish yourself as an authority in a particular subject area and create a brand about yourself. eg. Neil Patel is a known person in digital marketing. He is a very renowned name in digital marketing and he regularly writes in-depth answers at quora.
  • You will be acknowledged worldwide. 35% of quora users are from America and if you write quality content you will be recognized all over.


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