What is Path2Shine

What is Path2Shine

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Path2Shine is a transformational platform where you can opt for different courses and take your career to the next level. It offers you multiple courses like technical, Digital marketing, Positive lifestyle, and Success mindset. It is apt for students, professionals, housewives, unemployed who want to achieve success in career. Resume creation and placement support will also be provided. Complete mentorship and plan support will be given.

Following are the different courses provided by Path2Shine:

  1. Software Testing –  There is no doubt regarding demand in the IT sector. Lucrative packages, multiple incentives, secured a permanent job, working in dream companies, foreign trips and much more are some of the factors which make IT jobs the no.1 choice among many professionals. In software testing, we are offering different courses like basic courses, intermediate levels, and advanced courses. Programming will also be covered in an advanced course of software testing.

2.ISTQB Certification course – Those candidates who want to take their testing career to the next level should enroll for ISTQB Certification. ISTQB is an internationally recognized certification that is added benefit to your resume. Complete training will be provided to clear the ISTQB exam.

3. Automation Testing– This is the advanced level of software testing. Those who already have some knowledge or experience in basic testing or manual testing should enroll for an automation testing course and the result is a great hike in their packages. This training course will train you on the automation testing tool. You will also learn programming language along with this tool. Complete training will be provided from basic to advanced concepts. Theoretical, as well as practical sessions, will be explained. Complete automation of a project will be demonstrated during the classes.

4.Digital Marketing Course- Digital marketing is a great career option for everyone. There is an enormous demand for digital marketing in the current job market. It is also observed that the demand for digital marketing exceeds supply. DM is a vast field and covers various sub-sections. Professionals can first learn all sections and can choose one section and become expertise in it. It is often termed as becoming a T-Shaped Digital Marketer. There are various courses available under Digital Marketing:

  • Website Creation
  • SEO                                                                                                                                
  • SEM
  • Content Writing 
  • Google Analytics     
  • WordPress 

5.BYOB-Be your Own Boss-Start your own Reselling Business- This is a unique course which is available first time ever. It is a perfect course for candidates who want to earn money in the comfort of their home without spending additional money. It will cover all basic subsections like discover your line, from where to buy, target market, tracking of sales, website creation, how to outreach more of the customers, how to build great rapport, and much more. After completion of this course, you can easily earn a 20-30k minimum and can exceed more than 1 lacs per month. It is suitable for housewives, unemployed, bachelors, anyone who is looking to earn money faster.

6.The art of positive living-This is a short course that will train on living a happy life, the importance of waking up early, meditation, exercises, healthy eating choices, a successful mindset, and much more.

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