Understanding SEO and SEM

Understanding SEO and SEM

The game is all about SEO(Search Engine Optimization). Do you want to get leads for your business? Are you wondering how can I show my website at top of SERP(Search Engines Result Page)? Do you want to show your website at the top for every keyword searched by your potential client? Then good SEO for your website is the solution.

What exactly is SEO?

Let’s take an example, suppose I have shifted to a new location say, Hyderabad. After a long hectic week spent on relocation, I want to go out for a good dinner during the weekend. As this place is new for me, I would take the help of google to search for good restaurants near me. Isn’t? Yes, I would get to see top restaurants in my vicinity. Based on top search results and reviews and feedback I would select a restaurant say “Paradise”. It means those restaurants which are visible at the top of SERP will get my attention and thus I would finally become their customer.

Have you ever given a thought if Paradise was not shown at my google search, would I ever become its customer? Never!!

How come Paradise was visible in my search results? Because of great SEO is done by paradise. Now you can think how important is SEO for any damn business on this earth?

SEO is the real gamechanger for every business. For getting leads, clients, more revenue, sales, and much more, SEO is the key.

And with the advent of the pandemic world now, SEO is a must step for any business.

Now let’s understand the concept of SEO with another example. Suppose I want to learn data science. I would search on google “Good institutes to learn data science”.  Infractions of a second, I would get more than 14crores results to learn data science and there will be more than 10 search result pages. Do you think I would check each and every page? That’s insane. I would just see the top results mentioned on the first page.

There comes the benefit of great SEO. It means those institutes who continuously work towards improving their SEO will get the students. I would also decide on any institute mentioned on the first page only. I would not go to the second or third page.

Is there any alternative to SEO? What is SEM?

Practically speaking there is no other alternative to SEO. The benefits or long-lasting advantages which we get from SEO cant be provided by any other tool. Then what about SEM? It is SEM or Search Engine Marketing. For understanding, SEM let’s take an example. Suppose there is a new restaurant opened up in a city. As a result, there is no awareness of this newly opened restaurant in the town. What should be done to keep the revenue coming?

As we already know SEO is a time taking process. It takes around 6 months to a year for SEO to start seeing the results. There comes the need for SEM. When you want to get your business to be visible at the top of search results immediately then you should always take the help of SEM. It is also called paid marketing or Pay per click marketing. So in this scenario, you should also do SEM along with SEO efforts. Once you reach the point where you get to see organic results or SEO benefits you can reduce SEM.

Difference between SEO and SEM

difference between seo and sem
Difference between SEO and SEM


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